Oleksandr Dudinskyi dudinskyj at
Fri Apr 1 13:41:38 UTC 2011

I should like more specifically disclose my plan of action. One of the main
tasks is find the places where registered errors, subsequently error
analysis (their type) and separation errors related to disk and modifying
the output format. There are different types of errors such as soft, hard,
transport, device not ready, recoverable and other. Currently, presence the
problem of reports and the majority error logs built as an individual files.
Necessary changes in the kernel, which provide the emergence a database that
processes information from several sources. The current kernel can't report
what specific operations were errors, this further compounds the consistency
problem. Reports of drivers errors requires a change.
Systematization format recording of errors also is a priority,that we get
and where the error occurred.

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