Looking for a mentor

Guillermo Amaral g at maral.me
Mon Mar 22 04:56:23 UTC 2010

Hi FreeBSDers,

I'm a  C and C++ developer and I am looking for anybody would be
willing to help me get started in the FreeBSD development community.

I'm trying to get more experience in both kernel and user-land
development on FreeBSD. I won't take much of your time, I really need
somebody to assign stuff to me and give me a few hints when I get
lost. It would be awesome if we can start from simple tasks and move
up to other more complex tasks so I can get a feel of how much time I
can dedicate to this on a week without loosing my job. LOL

I have been looking for a mentor in FreeBSD for a little while by
asking around but I think I need to get a few more eye balls so I can
really get into the project on the development side and not just on
the publicity side as I have been doing so far.

Thanks in advance  ;)


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