an alternative to powerpoint

Bakul Shah bakul at
Tue Jul 13 09:07:58 UTC 2010

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:21:40 +0200 Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at>  wrote:
> latex based solutions are great when it comes to show formulas.
> I normally use prosper or similar things.
> But placing figures is a bit of a nightmare, though, and at least
> for slides there is a lot of visual clutter in the latex formatting
> (of course one could write a preprocessor from plain text to latex/prosper).

Basically a unified work flow with latex is what appeals to
me.  But agreed on the visual clutter.  A plain text to
prosper preprocessor is a great idea!

Very nice work, BTW! And I can already think of new uses for it!

Ed Schouten asks:

> Why not use the `beamer' class?

I didn't know about it.  I will certainly check it out now.

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