package building failure irritation

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Fri Feb 26 22:22:24 UTC 2010

I also build my ports in a "jail" environment (only its not a really a 
jail, just a chroot).

After I have built the ports I want, I create the packages using the 
following little script.  (My mail client will have mangled the script, 
so take care when you copy and paste it, e.g. it needs to be tabs not 
spaces and the beginning of lines.)

#!/usr/bin/make -f


all:    ${PKG_LIST:C+(.*)+${PACKAGES}/All/\1.tbz+}

.for target in ${PKG_LIST}
${PACKAGES}/All/${target}.tbz:  ${PKG_DBDIR}/${target}/+CONTENTS
         @origin=${PORTSDIR}/`sed -n 's/@comment ORIGIN://p' \
                 ${PKG_DBDIR}/${target}/+CONTENTS`; \
         if [ $$origin != ${PORTSDIR}/ ] && [ -e $$origin ] && (! [ -e 
$$origin/work ] || [ -e $$origin/work/.install_done* ]); then \
                 echo creating package ${target}; \
                 make -C $$origin PACKAGES=${PACKAGES} package-links; \
                 pkg_create -GjY -b ${target} $@ || (rm -f $@ && false); \

         @mkdir -p ${PACKAGES}/All

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