ntpd hangs under FBSD 8

Peter Steele psteele at maxiscale.com
Fri Feb 26 13:33:32 UTC 2010

>So this is arguably a Python bug. Did you contacted anybody who cares about the Python ?

I did not, mainly because this link:


seems to imply they are already aware of the problem. I agree it must be a Python bug though. It worked in 2.5.1 but not in 2.5.5 and later, so clearly they changed how processes are launched from threads that has led to this problem. One should not have to be forced to make explicit calls to change the signal mask in order to launch an external app. Granted, we've only had this issue with ntpd--other apps launch fine--but there is clearly something wrong somewhere for even one app to hang when it is spawned as a thread.

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