Future CPUs - 128 threads

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Thu Feb 11 20:13:39 UTC 2010

On 11 February 2010 21:01, Artem Belevich <fbsdlist at src.cx> wrote:
> MIPS variants with many cores/threads have been in production for
> quite a while, though for some reason that happened without too much
> PR noise.
> http://www.rmicorp.com/products/XLR_732.htm
> http://www.caviumnetworks.com/OCTEON_MIPS64.html

Probably because you cannot buy a ready made server machine with such
a CPU and 4-8 disk drives practically by mail order :)

Seriously, simply because of curiosity - are MIPS CPUs used in any
kind of "general purpose" machines?

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