Spin down HDD after disk sync or before power off

Erich Dollansky erich at alogreentechnologies.com
Thu Feb 4 02:09:36 UTC 2010


let me do.

On 04 February 2010 am 04:44:04 Warren Block wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Feb 2010, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> > Alexander Best wrote:
> > No -- *Please* make sure that the disks are only spun down
> > upon an actual power-off command (i.e. when reboot() is
> Could you elaborate a little on why that's bad?  It seems like it would 
> be similar to a standby/resume action.
every disk has a limited number of restarts before it dies.

In case of a reboot, it is already known when the command is given that the machine will restart without being powered of.

If you spin-down the disk, you lose one start cycle.

It is not that important but if it can be done with just one if, please, just do it.


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