regenerating /var/db/pkg

Diane Bruce db at
Thu Apr 22 19:24:57 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 06:48:43PM +0000, b. f. wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
> >On 4/20/2010 7:11 PM, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> find /usr/local -type f -print0 | xargs -0 pkg_which -v | fgrep '?'

libchk would also be useful.

> But as Doug suggests, a full cleanup of PREFIX/LOCALBASE and
> reinstallation of all leaf packages may be easier than a
> reconstruction of /var/db/pkg.

I also agree with Doug here. The key thing is to have a record or a good idea
of what you had installed in the first place. 
I reiterate, having a thumb drive with copies of your /etc,/var/db/pkg
/usr/local/etc, you get the idea, is very useful to have around.

- Diane
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