/etc in CVS

Sergey Babkin babkin at verizon.net
Thu Apr 22 01:28:27 UTC 2010

Doug Barton wrote:
> On 4/20/2010 11:30 AM, Bakul Shah wrote:
> >
> > My suggestion was in the context of upgrding a system to a
> > new release. There are changes to /**/etc/**/*(.) files going
> > from release R to R+1.  I was pointing out that what
> > mergemaster does (merging in these changes to your locally
> > modified etc files) is almost exactly the same as merging in
> > a vendor branch under CVS (vendor here would be freebsd.org).
> > But merge conflicts have to be resolved carefully and before
> > any reboots!
> That's not accurate. By default mergemaster does nothing, it will not
> change your installed /etc at all. At this point the -U option will
> handle major release upgrades quite painlessly, leaving only those files
> that actually have local mods for the user to deal with manually.
> Of course, I have always said that if anyone feels compelled to create a
> better solution for etc merging that they should feel free, and I still
> mean that. :)

I wonder if a version control system, like SVN, could be used
to keep track of all the changes in /etc. (Or maybe it
already is and I'm simply out of date).


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