Is the FreeBSD ABI compatibility policy documented anywhere

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Sep 24 21:00:02 UTC 2009

Stef Walter wrote:
> It seems that FreeBSD has an ABI compatibility policy where major
> versions remain ABI and API compatible throughout minor point versions.
> That is to say that the kernel interfaces and libraries for (eg)
> 7-STABLE, 7.1-RELEASE, 7.2-RELEASE are not supposed to change.
> Is this a policy of the project? If so, is it documented anywhere? Or is
> it just a convention?

It is a policy of the project but I don't think our policies are 
written down as such. I think you will find it referenced in
many places in a sideways manner rather than directly.

Possibly in the developer handbook

> Cheers,
> Stef
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