Why is default value of NKPT so small? mfsroot

Trever anti_spamsys at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 19:19:52 UTC 2009

Does anyone know what the thinking is behind the default value of NKTP in /usr/src/sys/i386/include/pmap.h?

It seems to me that it's too small, though I'm wondering if there are some considerations in changing it's value that I should know about.

Too small because: making it a little more than twice as large (so you can get about a 300MB mfsroot to boot) means you can (by default) boot a standard FreeBSD system into memory, and I know I can't be the only one who would value that a great deal for many reasons.  As it stands you have to ax things out (like depenguinator does, for example).  Or you have to recompile the kernel.  

Does it have to be like this?

Which leads me to two more questions:
- is it possible to change the NKTP value without recompiling the kernel?  I think there isn't but I'll ask.
- is it possible to change the NKTP value without editing pmap.h (can I pass a variable into the kernel build process)?




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