GSoC: Semantic File System

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Mar 21 10:00:27 PDT 2009

Gabriele Modena wrote:
> Hello,
> I am an AI master student at the university of Amsterdam.
> On of my current research interests lays in the area of information
> retrieval and I would like to do a project
> within my University research group starting next june.
> I am actually studying background literature about semantic filesystem
> and information retrieval over local files.
> Being also quite interested in kernel development, I would like to
> propose a proof of concept that implements such techniques.
> My goal, though, would not be just a reimplementation of existing
> code, but possibly some more extensive work
> that combines techniques already used in other domains of II.
> Could this be an interesting Summer of Code proposal for the FreeBSD Foundation?
> I plan to write down some notes/ideas (and details) I have on a wiki
> starting from next week.

It sounds like something that would at least be worth following
For myself I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about what hind of
"semantic filesystem" techniques you would mean to implement but
that is just my own curiosity, (and, I admit it, complete lack
of knowledge in that area (pointers welcome :-) ) )

> Regards.
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