ATA driver update for 7.2RELEASE available

Søren Schmidt sos at
Fri Jun 26 20:24:10 UTC 2009

Over the past months I've gotten huge amounts of requests for ATA  
related things, so I've whipped up what I use here for FreeBSD 7.2- 

This is a total replacement of the ATA driver, modulerized as in - 
current, but based on my WIP not from what might have happend to - 
current since I gave up maintainership.

There is a number of new chipsets supported in here that I dont think  
is in any of the official sources (havn't checked in quite some time  
though), mostly newish ATI, nVidia and Marvell chips (yeah those  
buggers with both ATA & SATA ports).

You can find and script and a tarball of the needed files at:

Put both in /usr/src and run

As I dont subscribe to any of the mailing lists nor does my mail address seem to work anymore, you will need to reply  
to me directly if needed.

As always - Enjoy!


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