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Thu Jun 18 15:13:54 UTC 2009

2008/10/2 Yuri <yuri at>:
> Xin LI wrote:
>> Simon Barner wrote:
>>> Mike Silbersack wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Heiko Wundram wrote:
>>>> Here's a tarball of what's in perforce right now.  I tried it a little
>>>> bit, and it seemed to work for me.  Make sure to install the kernel module!
>>>> But don't send me questions about it - I'm not an expert on it, I'm just
>>>> the guy who grabbed it from perforce and found that it seems to work. :)
>>> Could you please provide me with the details, so I can update my
>>> (horribly outdated :( valgrind ports?
>> It was available from p4 at:
>> //depot/projects/valgrind/...
>> Note that this version does not work on architectures other than i386.
>> Cheers,
> Any developments in Valgrind/Callgrind on FreeBSD?
> Any hope to get this version into ports and to merge FreeBSD support up into
> Valgrind project?

For our employer (Sandvine incorporated) Ed Maste and me are working
on finishing the port Peter Wemm started a while ago.
You can find updated informations on the project here:

while you can get the sources pack here:

Please note that 8 and 7 now have all the required support to let run
this modified version, so no further modify is required to these
Valgrind is able to run on 6 too, if the patch system_valgrind.diff is
applied (I can't recall if it targeted for SVOS, as I think, or it is
stock STABLE_6, just try it, it may apply to both).

The port is really not clean, but that's not Peter's fault. Valgrind
should be really rewritten in order to be less Linux-centric and be
more smart about interface sucking. The effort, though, would be so
large that would require too much work to happen in the short term.

What is in the tar works mostly ok (modulo missing syscalls) on both
ia32 and amd64, but you should carefully follow what is written in the
Wiki for a good install of the product.
Also note that I have an internal version that should fix most (all?)
the issues reported in the Wiki and I will try to release it on a
regular basis, until possible.
So far, I'm fighting with a segfault in the profiled process while
running with SV environment {amd64 arch}, a symptomancy that doesn't
show with a stock FreeBSD installation so far. If you could try the
port and report to us I would appreciate a lot.

For any other question please refer to us.


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