Posting a bounty for the nVidia 64-bit wishlist

Garrett Cooper yanefbsd at
Thu Jan 1 01:57:29 UTC 2009

Hello Hackers,
    I have a request related to making FreeBSD to be a viable platform
on AMD/Intel 64-bit architectures, such that functionality as
requested by Chris (see:
<>). Please note that
some of these things would also no doubt positively affect other
groups (ATI, Intel, etc) when writing x*64 drivers for FreeBSD, so the
list isn't just necessarily just applicable to nVidia.
    If someone could list a number of sys/... files that I could look
at in order to get a brief grasp of what needs to be modified to
support proper 64-bit architecture vmem, pmap, etc, that would be
extremely helpful; I want to establish a reasonable timeframe and
skill set required for the task set, so I can establish a reasonable
monetary figure and/or resources to donate to the project.
    Also, if anyone else is interested in this pursuit (I know there
are quite a few), feel free to contact me so we can coordinate our
efforts and pool our resources to get these sets of loose ends finally
tied up to have a more accessible FreeBSD based desktop.

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