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Ed Schouten ed at 80386.nl
Tue Feb 24 22:53:10 PST 2009

Hi Chuck,

* Chuck Robey <chuckr at telenix.org> wrote:
> I was wondering, I've lost track of the status of XFree86 on
> FreeBSD.or really, at all.  It looks like all of the Xfree86 servers
> have been removed from ports.

The XFree86 project has been dying ever since almost all the active
development moved to the Xorg-project. Xorg has many new features that
XFree86 doesn't have, like hardware compositing and improved device

> I was looking on the www.Xfree86.org website, and from what I see, it
> apparently still is generating releases.  Also, I downloaded the
> latest cvs image from Xfree86, and it built FAR easier that xorg, far
> faster, far simpler to configure ...

Why should it matter how easy it is to build a piece of software? You
can just run `make -C /usr/ports/x11/xorg install clean' or `pkg_add -r

> but when I look into FreeBSD-ports, the few ports which still have the
> Xfree86 name, they're really cheating (talking about the drivers),
> they seem to be really xorg drivers, just haven't had their names
> fixed.

This is a naming decision by the Xorg project. For some reason, all
drivers are still called xf86-*. It's pretty hard to remove all
references to XFree86 in hundreds of megabytes of source code.

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