removal of NGROUPS_MAX dependancy from base

ttw+bsd at ttw+bsd at
Sun Feb 22 03:41:56 PST 2009

On 21.02-22:49, Julian Elischer wrote:
[ ... ]
> >this patch should remove the dependancy on the definition of
> >NGROUPS_MAX as a static constant and implement it as a writable
> >sysconf variable of the same.  it should also make the necessary
> >changes to the codebase to support those.
[ ... ]
> What do you do about NFS?
> I seem to remember that NFWS had a maximum number of groups supported..

NFS will be supported by mapping 16 groups into the auth_unix structure
dynamically.  my intention is to try and make this transparent by
allocating moving the 'most used' groups into that mapping as user
processes check them, however, this is very conceptual at the moment
and needs more thought as well as validation from others with more

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