removal of NGROUPS_MAX dependancy from base

Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Feb 21 23:00:49 PST 2009

ttw+bsd at wrote:
> attached is the first in a series of patches that is intended to
> remove the current limitation on group membership.
> this patch should remove the dependancy on the definition of
> NGROUPS_MAX as a static constant and implement it as a writable
> sysconf variable of the same.  it should also make the necessary
> changes to the codebase to support those.
> i need some guidance as to what i should re-define NGROUPS_MAX to be
> (so that code that depends on it can continue to operate, i'm thinking
> just make it 16 but perhaps it would be worth extending the default
> while we're at it to something like 64??).  i also need feedback on
> any braindamage in the current changes.
> the next step will be to extend the kernel groups and map them back
> to the user structs / calls.   finally i'll extend the user groups
> and implement those calls.
> nb: not tested the code (it builds) ... was intending to test it on
> my XEN box but only just realised that Xen on amd64 isn't working.
> :-(
> happy for any questions that may help guide the process.

What do you do about NFS?
I seem to remember that NFWS had a maximum number of groups supported..

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