HA on FreeBSD

Ruben de Groot mail25 at bzerk.org
Thu Dec 24 12:06:47 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 10:01:12AM +0000, yassine ayachi typed:
> Hi all ,
> In order to improve my firewall architecture, I installed on my two
> firewalls that are on linux the platforme HAProxy-Heartbeat-BRBD, now I want
> to improve it further by installing the same thing on freebsd,
> I installed haproxy and hearbeat without problem, but there is no DRBD
> support on freeBSD,

There will be, hopefully Real Soon Now.

> I googled and found geom with ggated/ggatec with freevrrpd for virtual ip
> support, I tried to setup this but it does not work, here is a summary of
> what I'm doing :
> Slave IP :
> Mester IP :
> 1-slave# ggated -v
> 2-master# ggatec create /dev/da0s1d
> master#
> (This command is suposed to return the device node name. something like
> ???ggate0???, but nothing in my case.)
> 3-output on the slave machine looks like this :
> slave# bginfo: Connection from:
> debug: Receiving version packet.
> debug: Version packet received.
> debug: Receiving initial packet.
> debug: Initial packet received.
> debug: Connection created [, /dev/da0s1d].
> debug: New connection created (token=2554515407).
> debug: exports[/dev/da0s1d]: IP mismatch.

There's your problem. Check the IP addresses in your gg.exports


> warning: Unauthorized connection from:
> debug: Connection removed [ /dev/da0s1d].
> warning: Cannot send initial packet: Bad file descriptor.
> Thanks in advance  you for any help you give me :)
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