old/unupdated xterm entries in termcap db

Gary Jennejohn gary.jennejohn at freenet.de
Wed Dec 9 11:25:34 UTC 2009

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 01:12:04 +0200
Leonidas Tsampros <ltsampros at upnet.gr> wrote:

> Why aren't these entries updated in order to match the
> ones that ship with xterm? Am I missing something?

Probably because xterm is under ports and termcap under src and it would
not be easy to track changes in ports under src.

The only practical way to keep termcap up to date would be for the
committer updating the port to also check and update termcap under src.
The problem with this is that most ports committers aren't authorized
to make commits under src.

Gary Jennejohn

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