C99: Suggestions for style(9)

Nate Eldredge neldredge at math.ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 28 17:00:27 UTC 2009

On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, Peter Jeremy wrote:

> On 2009-Apr-26 09:02:36 +0200, Christoph Mallon <christoph.mallon at gmx.de> wrote:
>> as some of you may have noticed, several years ago a new millenium
>> started and a decade ago there was a new C standard.
> Your implication that FreeBSD is therefore a decade behind the times
> is unfair.  Whilst the C99 standard was published a decade ago,
> compilers implementing that standard are still not ubiquitous.
>> HEAD recently
>> switched to C99 as default (actually gnu99, but that's rather close).
> Note that gcc 4.2 (the FreeBSD base compiler) states that it is not
> C99 compliant.

However, if you take a look at http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.2/c99status.html , 
you will see that it is very close.  The vast majority of C99 features are 
implemented and working correctly.  Even those which are marked as 
"broken" generally work in most cases, and fail only in rather obscure 
corner cases that real programs are unlikely to encounter.  In particular, 
the features Christoph proposes to use work fine.


Nate Eldredge
neldredge at math.ucsd.edu

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