Is international support broken is msdosfs file system driver?

Yuri yuri at
Mon Apr 6 23:00:37 PDT 2009

Shaowei Wang (wsw) wrote:
> try -L zh_CN.euc .
zh_CN.euc doesn't exist, I tried zh_CN.eucCN instead. Didn't work.
I tried all zh_CN* and zh_TW* ones from /usr/share/locale/ -- none of 
them worked.
Nut the garbage displayed by 'ls' changes depending on the one used.
> Windows file system use a different way to encode i18n chars, like 
> code page.
> There is a hacked version of msdosfs which can support UTF-8 locale.
> and for using:
> mount_msdosfs -L zh_CN.UTF-8 /dev/ad?s? /path/to/mount
> I've tried it and it's work. doesn't exist.

Somehow in Windows the disk is read correctly without specifying any 
additional options.
So I guess this is a serious defect that msdosfs driver can't do the same.


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