kern/122331: panic's on KDE-launches (but only in WPA Wifi area)

Matthias Apitz guru at
Wed Sep 17 07:28:03 UTC 2008

El día Tuesday, September 16, 2008 a las 11:25:44AM -0400, John Baldwin escribió:

> Well, fd_ofiles being NULL here is really odd.  It's also odd that you have no 
> current directory.  Because fd_nfiles is 20, fd_ofiles should be pointing to 
> the static file descriptor array.  Off the top of my head I don't see how 
> this is happening.  It might help if you can narrow down exactly what WPA 
> operation you are doing that causes the panic.

I'm doing nothing by my own with WPA; the wpa_supplicant is launched at
boot time via /etc/rc.conf entry as:


i.e. in the moment when I launch the X11+KDE with 'startx' is
already running, iwi0 is associated with the AP and IP/routing is up in
the interface (I've checked this always with 'ifconfig iwi0');
the difference between my home and the office is WEP (at home where I
don't face that problem) and WPA in the office;

yesterday and today morning KDE booted fine without causing this panic;

could the reason be some inconsistency in the file system? but in this
case as well I don't know where this could come from; I have always
clean shutdowns before moving from my home to the office:


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