WITHOUT_CXX but with libstdc++

Attila Nagy bra at fsn.hu
Fri Sep 5 08:14:25 UTC 2008


I have some netbooted servers, which work off an NFS (master) server. 
Everything is built and installed on the master, so the netbooted 
"images" contain only what's really needed, so for example gcc is ripped 
out by WITHOUT_CPP=yes and WITHOUT_CXX=yes in the installworld phase.
Unfortunately WITHOUT_CXX also disables the installation (given to 
installworld, of course if it's not built, it can't be installed) of 
libstdc++, which is needed for a lot of programs.

Would it be possible to build CXX, but at installworld, install only the 
libraries (this is needed for runtime, so header files also won't be 
In src/gnu/lib/Makefile there is an MK_CXX test. With an OR MK_LIBCXX 
check (and defining WITH_LIBCXX as no by default) something similar 
could be done, with the limitation that at build time WITHOUT_CXX 
shouldn't be set and at install time, WITHOUT_CXX and WITH_LIBCXX should 
be yes.

Any ideas about that (or a cleaner solution)?


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