How to troubleshoot wireless problem?

Paul B. Mahol onemda at
Mon Nov 3 05:11:02 PST 2008

On 11/3/08, Yuri <yuri at> wrote:
> My FreeBSD is able to connect to WiFi WEP network 95% of time.
> But 5% of time either ifconfig shown "not associated" status or dhclient
> fails to get IP address or name resolution isn't functioning
> after DHCP exchange is complete. Signal strength is -80:-95.
> After a while I am able to connect again.
> This happens with both ath0 and ral0 devices.
> In the meantime Linux box sitting next to FreeBSD box has
> no problem connecting to the same WiFi network  at all times.
> This makes me think that something in FreeBSD isn't working right.
> How can I troubleshoot this problem?
> How stable is support for wireless networking in FreeBSD?
> I use this command line:
> ifconfig wepmode on ssid my-ssid weptxkey 1 wepkey 0xMYKEY dhcp

In wlan(4) it is explained in detail how to enable debuging.
Also every driver have its own ways to toggle debug options.
Note that wlan and driver modules must be compiled with debug
enabled(at least it works in that way on CURRENT). Look in NOTES for

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