CFT: CVSMode for csup with MD5 check

Ulf Lilleengen lulf at
Sat May 31 14:36:52 UTC 2008


As a followup to my previous patch on csup, I've tried to do some fixes to
RCS-files. However, instead of doing major workarounds in csup to handle
files which does not behave correctly to RCS, I implemented MD5 check of RCS
content. This means that the MD5 sum from cvsupd is checked against the
actual RCS content (which is different from a normal MD5 check, because
only the content is compared), and if it's not correct, a fixup of the file
will be sent, thus making sure that the contents are correct. I hope some of
you are able to test this. 

There are still a few issues with cvsmode:
- Not correct entries in status file.
- I get unnatural high memory usage.

Patches here:

Ulf Lilleengen

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