FreeBSD and LLVM

Brooks Davis brooks at
Wed May 28 01:33:29 UTC 2008

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 07:23:52PM +0200, Ed Schouten wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> (CC'ing this back to the list)
> * Stefan Esser <se at> wrote:
> > this is great news! Can you provide your patches to upgrade the port
> > to 2.3-pre?
> I could, but I patched the ports rather poorly. The plists are
> incorrect. I just incremented the version numbers, updated the distinfo
> and made some changes to the llvm-gcc4 port to use the proper wrksrc.

I've got WIP updates of both ports, but probably won't get them committed until
next week.

> > If 2.3-pre allows the kernel to boot and run, then many user-land
> > programs should work as well. Testing a make world (and preparing
> > the infrastructure to support llvm in addition to gcc and icc might
> > be worthwhile ...).
> We should really try that. Unfortunately I'm quite busy, hacking on the
> TTY layer. ;-)
> > You probably know about the clang project, which tries to completely
> > replace the gcc parts needed for llvm-gcc ...
> Yes. I haven't looked at it yet. It doesn't seem to be in Ports yet. Any
> takers? ;-)

Unless you make an evil port that does a checkout of last nights sources
from svn, there isn't much point today.  Chris Latner said it would
probably be ready to start publishing snapshots in 3-6 months (i.e. llvm
2.4 or 2.5).  I'd like to whip one up, but haven't yet.

-- Brooks
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