network bitrate of a poll of processes

Mathieu Prevot mathieu.prevot at
Mon May 26 16:14:19 UTC 2008

2008/5/26 Dan Nelson <dnelson at>:
> In the last episode (May 26), Mathieu Prevot said:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to know the bitrate of a pool of child processes that use
>> a network connection, how can I have something like netstat -w1
>> provide but at the process level ?
> If you can segregate them to their own UID, you can use an ipfw "count
> ip from any to any uid 6666" rule to count the packets.  Another option
> would be to jail them to a dedicated IP address and count traffic on
> that IP.

Both are nice... thank you. And don't you have something more portable
ie. that could run on "any" posix os - like a sh script that use
standard tools -  and that doesn't need root user intervention ?


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