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Bert JW Regeer xistence at
Thu May 22 18:19:55 UTC 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 10:19 , KAYVEN RIESE wrote:

> On Wed, 21 May 2008, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 10:13:43PM -0700, KAYVEN RIESE wrote:
>>> kv_bsd#cd /usr/ports/distfiles
>>> kv_bsd#mv /usr/home/kayve/Nessus-3.2.0-fbsd7.tbz .
>>> kv_bsd#pkg_add Nessus-3.2.0-fbsd7.tbz

You are running on FreeBSD 6.3 and you are trying to add a package  
that clearly has fbsd7 in the name. Off course it is not going to work.

>>> pkg_add: package VisualOS-1.0.5_3 has no origin recorded
>>> /libexec/ Shared object "" not found,  
>>> required by
>>> "nessusd"
>> First and foremost, you hijacked an existing thread by replying to it
>> with regards to a completely different issue.  Please don't do  
>> this, it
>> confuses mail clients which follow thread references.  Please don't  
>> hit
>> reply on unrelated messages and start a new/unrelated discussion.
> i don't know wtf you are talking about these are all my threads.

You clicked reply, or something along those lines on a previous  
message sent to the mailling list, thereby copying over some crucial  
information into the header of said email:

In-Reply-To: <Pine.SOC.4.64.0805212113310.12748 at>
Message-ID: <Pine.SOC.4.64.0805212213290.15619 at>
References: <001001c8bb66$c4713170$4d539450$@net>
	<sjc934digcn8o7tneu96rpbib7de7u8tpg at>
	<Pine.SOC.4.64.0805212113310.12748 at>

For mail clients that do threading, and show the conversation more as  
one would expect on a message board, your emails now look as if they  
belong underneath the topic named "Hifn 7955 doesn't work with FreeBSD  
7.0-RELEASE", which is annoying to most of us who would want your  
messages to show up in a new thread context. Next time, please just  
email hackers@ directly, and do not "hi-jack" the thread.

Also, it is generally considered rude to suggest that you don't know  
what someone is talking about using the "wtf". We point the hi-jacking  
out so that the mistake does not re-occur. Please refrain from such  
rudeness when people are attempting to help you.

>> Secondly, the missing library error shown above would happen on  
>> machines
>> running FreeBSD 6.x or earlier.  /lib/ exists on RELENG_7.
> i am still on freeBSD 6.3  is this a serious problem?

If you want to use the package you are using, yes. Since that package  
is clearly for FreeBSD 7.

>> Another possibility is that something completely destroyed's
>> shared library cache path.  Of course, you'd be seeing all sorts of
>> programs reporting missing libraries, and not just nexxus.
> so running freeBSD 6.3 is a fatal problem, or just extraneously
> irrelevant?

Fatal, sure, especially if you want to use that package.

>> If the startup script for nessus calls ldconfig or uses
>> $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, that could explain the missing library.
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