SW_PREEMPT and cpu runq

Murty, Ravi ravi.murty at intel.com
Thu May 8 23:02:08 UTC 2008

Oh, I find this happens only in ULE -- during sched_switch(), it sets
KEF_HOLD and then calls setrunqueue(). This ensures that the thread does
not migrate on preemptions.


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I guess two places.

1. maybe_preempt() - I've decided to preempt a thread on a cpu and the
outgoing thread is held (SW_PREEMPT) on the same cpu.
2. timer expires and thread is out of its slice (ULE), in this case I
remove the load and re-add it back to the same (current) cpu.

Sorry Julian, yes this is 6.2

Thanks much,

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Murty, Ravi wrote:
> Hi,
> When a thread is being switched out and it is being preempted (e.g.
> quantum expires), why does sched_switch hold it on the current cpu?
> why does the code see that it was preempted and put it back on the
> queue?
> In other cases it looks to see if it can be migrated and the thread
> back some place else. If a thread is being kicked out and there is a
> perfectly idle CPU some where on the system, wouldn't it make sense to
> migrate the thread?

it shouldn't be held..
why do you think it is?
(and is this in 6.x still?)

> Thanks
> Ravi
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