Sysinstall is still inadequate after all of these years

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Thu Jul 3 16:00:45 UTC 2008

Holger Kipp wrote:
> I completely 100% agree. Actually I don't see the need for a new
> sysinstall. It does what it needs to do. I have seen the later
> RH- and SUSE-Installer, but I don't want them. What's the use of
> a graphical installer?

One big problem with the current installer:  The
current keyboard interaction is quite mystifying
to new users.

I taught a FreeBSD class for a while where I watched
every single person stumble just trying to figure
out how to select choices in the installer menus.

I don't think a graphical installer is necessarily
the answer to this.  Simply obeying long-established
conventions for keyboard usage (ENTER selects the
thing under the cursor, for instance, instead of
having to TAB to the "OK" button first) would go
a long ways.


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