OpenBSM & Jails

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Feb 27 19:17:49 UTC 2008

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, sam wrote:

> i am using OpenBSM on System with jails
> part of praudit output / action write file in jail
> --------------------------------------------------
> header,176,10,open(2) - write,creat,trunc,0,Thu Feb 21 13:45:06 2008, + 501 
> msec,argument,3,0x81ed,mode,argument,2,0x601,flags,path,//site/svn/dev.lineage2.dom/pamm/hooks/post-commit,attribute,755,www,www,88,800911,3234053,subject,lynx,root,wheel,root,wheel,44680,44668,56876,,return,success,4,trailer,176,
> --------------------------------------------------
> please add jail-identification in output (cat /dev/auditpipe | praudit -lp)


I believe Christian has plans to use the Solaris "zone" BSM token to this end, 
as well as plans to enhance our support for hostid header fields so that when 
audit trails are aggregated from many sources, they can be processed with 
awareness of which source they came from.  I've added him to the CC line, and 
he may be able to expand on this.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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