find -lname and -ilname implemented

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sat Feb 23 23:48:50 UTC 2008

In message: <200802232322.45288.jonathan+freebsd-hackers at>
            Jonathan McKeown <jonathan+freebsd-hackers at> writes:
: What functionality does
:     find path -lname name
: add that isn't already available from
:     find path -name name -type l
: and what other combinations should be special-cased like this?

What it does is make busybox and openwrt scrpits work better.  One
could argue that one should change the scripts, but that's not likely
to happen.

What does -iname add that a properly constructed regular expression
for the name not have?  Convenience.  So apart from the fact that it
is used in real scripts, it is also more convenient.

Why do we use tools with short cuts?  Because it saves us time.

: Yes, where it makes sense. I'm not at all convinced that this change makes as 
: much sense as you obviously think it does - especially given that it doesn't 
: add previously unavailable functionality, and that we have a ports system 
: which includes a patch stage for dealing with this sort of gratuitous 
: non-portability in ported applications.

The change absolutely makes sense, and so far none of the arguments
against it are really worth the time to respond to.  I'm using
packages not in the ports system.  Frankly, the more gratuitous
differences with the gnu tools we have, the harder the sell will be
for companies wanting to replace their Linux systems with FreeBSD
ones.  The changes I made were absolutely trivial in the scheme of

This knee-jerk reaction against gnu find functionality baffles me.
The changes are trivial and make FreeBSD more compatible.  It is such
an obvious no-brainer that I frankly didn't expect anybody to bat an


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