Synaptics Xorg driver for FreeBSD/amd64

Eygene Ryabinkin rea-fbsd at
Mon Feb 18 15:40:59 UTC 2008


Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 04:00:43PM +0100, Giulio Ferro wrote:
> Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
>> And if you'll try
>> 'InputDevice "Synaptics_Touchpad" "CorePointer" "SendCoreEvents"'?
> Nothing changes, sorry...
>> If not, drop me a letter, I'll try to get the real hardware into
>> my hands and test it.  But this likely won't be done until the end
>> of the week, sorry.
> Thanks again. I include the complete log of the xorg session, I hope it can 
> help you somehow.

Yes, the following lines are very suspicious:
> (WW) <default pointer>: No Device specified, looking for one...
> (II) <default pointer>: Setting Device option to "/dev/psm0"
> (--) <default pointer>: Device: "/dev/psm0"
> (==) <default pointer>: Protocol: "Auto"
> (**) Option "AlwaysCore"
> (**) <default pointer>: doesn't report core events
> (==) <default pointer>: Emulate3Buttons, Emulate3Timeout: 50
> (**) <default pointer>: ZAxisMapping: buttons 4 and 5
> (**) <default pointer>: Buttons: 9
> (**) <default pointer>: Sensitivity: 1
> (II) evaluating device (<default pointer>)
> (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "<default pointer>" (type: MOUSE)
> (II) evaluating device (Synaptics_Touchpad)
> (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Synaptics_Touchpad" (type: MOUSE)
> (II) evaluating device (Keyboard1)
> (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Keyboard1" (type: KEYBOARD)
> Synaptics DeviceInit called
> SynapticsCtrl called.
> (II) <default pointer>: SetupAuto: hw.iftype is 3, hw.model is 13
> (II) <default pointer>: SetupAuto: protocol is SysMouse
> (WW) fcntl(9, O_ASYNC): Inappropriate ioctl for device
> Synaptics DeviceOn called
> (EE) xf86OpenSerial: Cannot open device /dev/psm0
> 	Device busy.
> (WW) Synaptics_Touchpad: cannot open input device
> couldn't enable device 3

It seems to me that you have another mouse device called '<default
pointer>' that uses "auto" protocol and finds your mouse at /dev/psm0
and being SysMouse.  Can you show your full xorg.conf?


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