tcsh loses the foreground process group?

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Tue Dec 2 15:28:26 PST 2008

In article <20081201042037.GA43208 at wattres.Watt.COM> you write:
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>I'm running 6-STABLE (6.4-PRE as of 24 Nov right now), tcsh 6.15.00, which
>  tcsh 6.15.00 (Astron) 2007-03-03 (i386-intel-FreeBSD) options wide,nls,dl,al,kan,sm,rh,color,filec
>as $version.
>The symptom is that when I do a long-ish running task inside a `` expansion
>that I then ^C, nobody gets the foreground process group...  I never get
>a prompt back after the ^C, and ^T gets me
>  load: 0.27 no foreground process group

[ ... ]

>One portable reproduction:
># cd /usr/src
># less `egrep -lir '^Foo.*baz' *`
>^Cload: 0.02 no foreground process group
>(I typed ^C ^T)
>SIGKILL to the shell seems to be the only way to get things back to

I've gotten one "me too", which indicated that SIGHUP to the shell
will also make it go away, but does not solve the problem.

I've got another FreeBSD machine available that was running tcsh
6.14.00, and it does _NOT_ display the problem.  When I build
6.15.00 on that same box (/usr/src is more up to date than the
install right now), that does fail.

Thus I'm pretty comfortable saying that it's a tcsh bug of some
sort, and probably a regression.  Hopefully this can be fixed
(PR being filed now) before 6.4 releases...

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