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Max, good day.

Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 08:30:16AM +0100, Max Laier wrote:
> On Monday 01 December 2008 07:07:00 perryh at wrote:
> > *
> >
> >   This seems less of a resource hog, and (if I am understanding
> >   matters correctly) is able to start from the installed /usr/src/...
> >   rather than requiring the would-be hacker to download a redundant
> >   instance, but I was concerned that the page may not be up to date
> >   with current FreeBSD development methodology (e.g. csup vs cvsup).
> If you want to contribute back, this is *not* the way to go.  Patches from 
> anything other than SVN and maybe CVS are mostly useless.

May be I am missing something, but what's wrong with the patches from
other VCS, providing that with Subversion you can exchange only by the
plain diffs?  Yes, Git/Mercurial patches should be applied with 'patch
-p1', but that's all.  Subversion has no notion simular to 'git
format-patch' and 'git am', if I am not messing the things up, so the
only way to exchange with others are the patches themselves.

> The local hg/git
> approach is nice if you are already familiar with hg or git and just want to
> keep some patch sets for yourself.  If you are looking to keep/develop a patch
> set and eventually share it with the world, svn or svk is the way to go.

The only issue I do see is about '$FreeBSD$', but plain Subversion
clients shouldn't mess with it.  If person has commit privileges to the
FreeBSD repository, then yes, probably Subversion will be fine (but
there are git-svn and hgsvn, so locally user can work with the different
VCS even in this case).

Do I missing some important thing here?

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