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Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Aug 7 15:44:47 UTC 2008

On Wed, 06 Aug 2008 23:16:36 -0700 Tim Kientzle <kientzle at> wrote:

> > The Solaris smf tools provide some nice facilities: one is single
> > interface to start, stop, check and restart all the services on a
> > system. We pretty much have that ...
> > 
> > The other is a single interface to enable, disable and query the
> > status of all the services. All we really have is the last one...
> Sounds like the only missing pieces, then, are standard
> ways to enable, disable, and configure services.  How about:
>    sudo /etc/rc.d/ssh enable
>    sudo /etc/rc.d/ssh disable
>    sudo /etc/rc.d/ssh configure
> That shouldn't be much of a stretch to implement, either.
> The first two just append entries to /etc/rc.conf.  The
> third opens an editor with a list of variables supported
> by this service and then appends the result to rc.conf.

Well, that might work, but could lead to unintended consequences if
you start missing settings from two different configure runs by
continually appending without deleting the old settings.

load_rc_config already sources /etc/rc.conf.d/"$_name". Working with
that file instead of /etc/rc.conf would seem to be a cleaner solution.

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