Murty, Ravi ravi.murty at
Wed Apr 30 21:12:12 UTC 2008

Hello All,


Looking through the scheduler code (kern_switch.c) and two functions
that stood out were the following:


1.	maybe_preempt_in_ksegrp - this function basically checks if the
thread being made runnable should preempt another thread that is part of
the same ksegrp. This makes sense. What I am having difficulty wrapping
my brain around is the fact that if all checks pass, the kernel call
mi_switch(SW_INVOL, NULL). The second parameter is NULL. This means that
it expects sched_choose to pick a thread from the ksegrp. I would have
expected it to say "I am preempting curthread because I am in the same
ksegrp but higher priority, therefore switch to me".. the second
parameter would have been td? When I compare this with what happens in
mybe_preempt, the second parameter to mi_switch is the target thread
because we're preempting the curthread (any ksegrp) to run the new
thread. This makes sense.
2.	Why do we check the state of the kse and make sure it is
KES_THREAD. I would imagine that when this function is called, the state
is exactly KES_THREAD? What am I missing here?



Ravi Murty

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