Johannes Maximilian K max at
Thu Apr 24 21:18:49 UTC 2008

Hello everyone!

I'm one of the GSoC students. My name is Johannes Maximilian Kuehn and
my project is the reference implementation of the SNTP protocol. 

I was exposed to FreeBSD about 6 years ago and I'm using it since
then as my primary operating system. Similar to Anders I started with
Linux and then got introduced to FreeBSD by a good friend. After that I
found my favorite operating system and wanted to get involved with it,
too. I think GSoC is a great opportunity to do that! :)

I'm a first year student studying computer science and Japanese Studies
at the "Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen" (Eberhard Karls university
in Tuebingen, Germany). 

I'm happy to be aboard!


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