bge dropping packets issue

Dieter freebsd at
Wed Apr 16 18:07:11 UTC 2008

> I'm investigating an issue we are seeing with 6.1-RELEASE and the bge
> driver dropping packets sporadically at 100MBps speed.

> Its get mainly aggravated when heavy disk I/O occurs

> Has anyone seen this problem before with bge?  Am I barking up the
> wrong tree with my initial investigation?  Does anyone know if its
> even possible to achieve 100% packet capture with bge at its supported
> speeds (10/100/1000)?

I had a similar problem with bge and 6.0-RELEASE.  Bge works great for
me in 6.2-RELEASE.  So far 7.0-RELEASE looks good as well (bge-wise,
I do have unresolved issues with 7).

My app is TCP, cranking the TCP receive buffer way up helped, as did
turning off Nagle.

My bge is 1000, but connected at 100 since that is what the other end is.
I saw problems at less than 20 Mbps.

There is still a problem that other drivers can lock out bge for too long.
For example kern/118093: firewire bus reset.

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