iSCSI Target and raw devices

Mark Saad msaad at
Tue Sep 25 15:31:19 PDT 2007

Hello Hackers
    I was looking into setting up the Intel / NetBSD iSCSI Target port 
on FreeBSD 6-STABLE . The first question I have is related to the use of 
the iscsi target port on FreeBSD. In the original docs, bundled with the 
Intel source, Intel had an example of setting up the target to have 
direct access to a raw device. Below is a snippet from 

With ufsdisk and ufsdisk_mmap you can directly access a device in /dev 
by creating a symbolic link in /tmp to point to the appropriate device. 
For example:

    "ln -s /dev/sdd /tmp/"


Does anyone know off hand if this works in FreeBSD or NetBSD?

  The second question what iscsi initiators are out there ? Along time 
ago Lucent had iscsi software for FreeBSD 4.x which has initiator 
support but this has a restrictive license and does not support anything 
newer then 4.9-RELEASE .  Does anyone know what else could possibly be 
used on 6-STABLE ?

Thanks Again.

Mark Saad
DataPipe Managed Global IT Services
msaad at

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