Attansic L1 Gigabit LAN Controller

Kevin Lo kevlo at
Tue Sep 18 23:00:43 PDT 2007

Alex Lukin wrote:
> Hi, FreeBSD gurus!

Hi Alex,

> Is anybody working on driver for ${subj} ?

I'm working on this driver. The porting progress is slow since I have
some other things to do.  Currently, the driver called age can detect
MAC address:

age0: flags=8802<BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
        ether 00:1b:fc:64:d1:8e

> Linux 2.6.22 has driver  for this card ( Attansic L1) under GNU license, so we 
> can port it to FreeBSD. Some smart guy  bought ASUS MB with this addapter on 
> board for my university and I need to run FreeBSD so... I badly need the 
> driver.
> This driver is  Intel's e1000 so it won't be much difficult to port.

Not exactly.

> I do not have any expirience to write BSD network drivers so please guys take 
> this task for 7.0
> If no one interested so let it be, it will my first net driver for FreeBSD :)   

If you're interested, I can send you my patch(against -HEAD).


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