Progress for 7.0 - the "what's cooking" page

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Tue Sep 4 10:05:44 PDT 2007

Hi Ivan!

On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 12:31:57 +0200 Ivan Voras wrote:

> As some of you may know, I'm maintaining a web page which aims to
> enumerate and describe major new features for FreeBSD 7, located at
> .

> Since 7.0 should be released "soon", I'd like to update the page with
> the current status of the projects. In particular, I'd like to mark
> projects that won't be ready for 7.0. To do so, I need input from the
> projects' authors and maintainers. So if you are listed on the page
> and your project status is updated and no longer matches what's
> written on the page, please respond to this thread. Also, if a feature
> won't be ready for 7.0 but will be sometime during 7.x, please state
> so.

> Of course, additions, corrections, etc. are also welcome.

As for linuxulator. The default sysctl will be
"compat.linux.osrelease: 2.4.2" and the port will be linux_base-fc4:


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