Creating install CD with custom ports - how to massage INDEX file?

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Tue Oct 16 00:43:34 PDT 2007

On 2007-Oct-14 09:38:14 -1000, Clifton Royston <cliftonr at> wrote:
>  I built the release with NO_PORTS=yes, because I'm building the ports
>from my own CVS tree, which is a tightly pared down subset of the
>/usr/ports CVS, plus locally written software in ports format.  I've
>ensured that the tree is closed under the dependency operation (to use
>some math jargon) - essentially that means that my ports subset includes
>all the dependencies of every port I'm including and all of *its*
>run/build dependencies in the tree, even if not being built.  That
>allows the dependency graph to be calculated and the INDEX-6 file to be
>built properly.

In which case, you should be able to "cd /usr/ports && make index"

Peter Jeremy
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