Multiple IP Jail's patch for FreeBSD 6.2

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Tue Nov 20 11:41:25 PST 2007

 	I am also interested about the IPv6 enabled jail....
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On Sun, 18 Nov 2007, Jan Knepper wrote:

> Andre Oppermann wrote:
>> Ed Schouten wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> It may be interesting to mention that yesterday there was a presentation
>>> at the NLUUG (Netherlands UNIX Users Group) conference by Marco Zec, who
>>> once wrote a patchset for FreeBSD 4.11 (and is in the process of porting
>>> it to FreeBSD 7.x) that gives each jail its own networking stack.
>>> You can hook up physical interfaces to jails or perform bridging between
>>> jails through netgraph bridging code. That way you can create virtual
>>> network topologies on a single box. This will allow you to use multiple
>>> IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on each instance. You can even use (I)PF(W)
>>> inside jails.
>> I'm working on a "light" variant of multi-IPv[46] per jail.  It doesn't
>> create an entirely new network instance per jail and probably is more
>> suitable for low- to mid-end (virtual) hosting.  In those cases you
>> normally want the host administrator to excercise full control over
>> IP address and firewall configuration of the individual jails.  For
>> high-end stuff where you offer jail based virtual machines or network
>> and routing simulations Marco's work is more appropriate.
> Any of this available in 7.x at the moment?
> I have a patched 6.2-STABLE running with 7 jails with multiple IP addresses. 
> Would not be able to upgrade that box unless this becomes available or unless 
> I port it to 7.x...
> Thanks!
> Jan
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