Setting up development environment

Luiz Otavio Souza luiz at
Wed May 30 10:45:37 UTC 2007

Daniel Molina Wegener escreveu:
> Hello,
>    Is there any official way to setup a development environment for
> FreeBSD. I mean, I want to contribute with FreeBSD development. All
> I know that there is a Developer's Handbook, but what about setting a
> development environment for FreeBSD-CURRENT and -STABLE including
> from official c-mode-hooks and c++-mode-hooks for emacs to environment
> variables for cross-compiling the FreeBSD source.
>    Can anyone guide me, or send me tips to get an optimal chance to
> contribute with FreeBSD?.
> Best regards,
Check the development(7) man page (and send good work, good ideias to 
the project).


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