Accounting test data

Carl Johan Gustavsson carl.gustavsson at
Wed May 16 12:32:17 UTC 2007

Diomidis Spinellis wrote:
> I'm testing the backwards compatibility of the process accounting
> processing tools (sa(8) and lastcomm(1)) with the upcoming new acct(5)
> record format.  If you have root access on a FreeBSD AMD64, Sparc64,
> ia64, or PowerPC machine please run the shell script
> and post the resulting file
> as a reply to this message (this will avoid replicated effort).  The
> script generates a small process accounting file containing the
> results of a dozen simple commands.  It takes less than 10s to run. 
> If your machine runs with process accounting enabled, you will need to
> re-enable it after the script terminates (the script will tell you
> how).  I intend to make the data you send me part of the process
> accounting regression testing.
> Many thanks,
> Diomidis Spinellis -
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Here's data from a sparc64 machine.


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