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> On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, Rick C. Petty wrote:

>> Now another question is whether the pkg_* tools can handle multiple
>> processes managing the ports at the same time.  For the mostpart, this is
>> true.  Without looking at the code, I would expect that the only
>> contentions would be when trying to update the +REQUIRED_BY files.
>> Everything else should be just fine;  you're not supposed to be installing
>> the same port multiple times at the exact same time, but maybe a lock could
>> be held on the package directory (i.e. /var/db/pkg/$PKG_NAME).  Again, I
>> don't believe this is strictly necessary.
> Currently, no, and this is a condition that's contingent for a fellow
> SoC'er's project. The mentor said that all that *should* occur is there
> should be an flock, but that was it. So instead of making more work for
> him and since I am modifying pkg_* already, I thought it would be best
> to just make my modifications to simplify his end (he still has a ways
> to go on the dependency tracking I think).
> It goes a bit deeper than the +REQUIRED_BY files, in particular with
> the +CONTENTS, etc files as the pkg_* tools are enumerating the
> packages currently on the system, their dependencies, owning files,
> etc. Perhaps a global .lock file of some kind in the package
> directories would be the way to go though.

Stephen already pointed out the patches which speed up pkg_create and I want to highlight the change which takes  
the package dependency info from the +CONTENTS file. So any changes by  
the other student should take this into account...


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