Using shell commands versus C equivalents

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Thu Jun 14 00:52:48 UTC 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, youshi10 at wrote:

> PS I'm looking at pkg_install and pkg_version mostly, but I'll be looking 
> into the other package utilities closely in the next couple weeks, evaluating 
> what approaches I should take in solving some bottlenecks with installing 
> packages and ports. My goals are up on 
> <>, and will be modified soon.

Since you are interested in speeding up the pkg_* stuff, I thought I would 
bring these to your attention (speed ups to the pkg_create and port 
registration processes, not quite what you are doing, but related).

Let me also wish you good luck in your speed improvements.  I was rather 
encouraged by these two, but all my future searches proved somewhat 
negative.  In particular I looked rather hard at trying to speed up "make" 
(required for pkg_version when it calls "make -V PKGNAME" multiple times). 
I can tell you that in that instance, replacing linear lists by berkeley 
DB made no difference at all - it was very disappointing.  In short, you 
really want to do a lot of profiling and see where the speed bottlenecks 
really are before writing lots of code.


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