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Freddie Cash fcash-ml at sd73.bc.ca
Thu Jan 11 06:08:33 UTC 2007

On Wed, January 10, 2007 2:43 pm, Lamont Granquist wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Doug Barton wrote:
>> Lamont Granquist wrote:
>>> On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Doug Barton wrote:
>>>>> And if you're looking specifically at the /etc/rc.conf config
>>>>> file, what would be more useful would be an /etc/rc.conf.d/
>>>>> directory.
>>>> Good news for you, we already support that. :) I agree that it
>>>> makes a great tool for the "many systems" problem, and could
>>>> reasonably be used for part of the "dynamic laptop" problem too.
>>> 7-current feature?  I'm not seeing it in rc.conf(5) on my
>>> RELENG_6-ish
>>> system...
>> It's not documented, but the code is there in /etc/rc.subr:
>> grep 'rc.conf\.d' /etc/rc.subr if [ -f /etc/rc.conf.d/"$_name" ];
>> then debug "Sourcing /etc/rc.conf.d/${_name}" .
>> /etc/rc.conf.d/"$_name"
>> ...
> If i understand that correctly its not *exactly* what i was looking
> for, but its better than a monolithic /etc/rc.conf
> It looks like you must put /etc/rc.d/inetd config into either
> /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.config.d/inetd.
> That means that if you've got two different orthogonal applications
> runing on the same server which both need to run something orthogonal
> out of inetd then they still wind up needing to do edits to the same
> config file to get inetd configured correctly.  I'd rather see
> /etc/rc.config.d/app01 and /etc/rc.config.d/app02 both able to tweak
> inetd settings.  Of
> course there is the possibility that app01 and app02 could drop
> mutually conflicting inetd setttings, but you've got that problem
> anyway in the existing scheme...

To each their own, of course.  Personally, I am so sick of the way
system like Debian use dozens of config files for each app, all in
their own conf.d/ sub-directories.  Some apps, like PureFTPd actually
use separate config files for each and every option it supports. 
Trying to configure these apps is a royal pain of opening and editing
a dozen files.  Maybe this makes it easier for automated configuration
tools and GUIs, but it makes it a *ROYAL* pain in the arse for mere
mortals using text editors to manage.

What is wrong with 1 editable text file per app?  With a single
sub-directory per application for config files?  Where you can
quickly, and easily view all the options at a glance?

The nicest thing about FreeBSD is /etc/rc.conf, a single configuration
file that is easily editable in any text editor.  Makes managing
systems remotely so simple.

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